Encontrei hoje, no meio da entropia característica dos meus ficheiros de computador, um texto que escrevi para o " Sobre Mim " de introdução ao portefólio de inglês :

My name is Renata Manuel Moreira de Sá Cruz. I would like to explain the reason why my first and second names are Renata Manuel : Renata because my grandfother's name (my mother's father) was Renato,and Manuel because my father's father, my gradfather's name is Manuel. Also, Renata means 'reborn', which reminds me of a creature I admire very much - the phoenix.
I was born, in Porto, Portugal, in a very hot Summer day - 22 July, to be precise, of 1993.
Since I was very little I've always felt very passionate about the sea. Also, I love music - These are probably my two biggest passions.
I like creative writting, that's the major reason why I decided to create a blog - Mentalfetaminas.com. I love poetry, and I try to read as much as I can.
My favourite subject is Biology, specially Genetics and Evolution - I'm currently reading a book on the matter, by the author Richard Dawkins.
I'm a pilgrim to Santiago de Compostela, and I try to keep that in mind every single day of my life. Mainly because ( and call me teen and naive, but ) I genually believe that it is my duty and purpose to try to make a change - in our world, or at least in my world. I believe that we must be more active - We must think outside the box, beyond our regular everyday questions. We must challenge ourselves to reflect about the most dogmatic ideas and the most philosophical questions that maybe we will never answer. I genually believe we must not be just bodies, trying to survive with the best quality life possible, we must not be passive because then we are not living - we are delusionally surviving.
In conclusion, though I believe that Biologically the existance of our species as no purpose, as no other - it is the result of Evolution and Natural Selection - this must not be understood as a negative perspective of Humankind. I believe the Biological concept gives us the freedom to understand that our purpose is to find new, responsible, rational, weighted but passionate ways to give our lives the so called "meaning" that we all fell we pursuit. Our purpouse is to create the purpose, to make our counscience work as a positive tool, because I believe human beings are, in fact, beautiful.

Das coisas que mais adoro é rever documentos antigos. Caixas de fotografias, textos, cartas, desenhos... Sabe-me tão bem um Domingo cinzento passado no sofá, sabem-me tão bem estas tardes em que assistimos a metamorfoses na lenta passagem das horas ...

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  1. Acho que ainda não tinha passado aqui para comentar, mas, fica aqui a minha opinião... Grandes textos Renata, grandes textos!